For much of its history, Fior Angelico has existed primarily as a summertime ensemble, generally performing a single program each year. Below is a summary of past concerts and repertoire.

Twelfth Night Celebration: O magnum mysterium
Joint concert with The Early Interval

St. Joseph Cathedral (Columbus, Ohio)
3 January 2020

– O magnum mysterium, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Missa O magnum mysterium, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Ave Maria, Tomás Luis de Victoria
Ne timeas, Maria, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Ríu ríu chíu, att. Mateo Flecha the Elder

Heu mihi, Domine: Songs of Mourning, Songs of Hope

St. Joseph Cathedral (Columbus, Ohio)
16 August 2019

– Super flumina Babylonis, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Taedet animam meam, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Versa est in luctum, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Lugebat David Absalon, Nicolas Gombert
– When David Heard, Thomas Weelkes
– Hear My Prayer, O Lord, Henry Purcell
– Thou Knowest, Lord, the Secrets of Our Hearts, Henry Purcell
– Simile est regnum caelorum, Francisco Guerrero
– Missa Simile est regnum caelorum, Alonso Lobo

Western Wind: Music of Byrd, Taverner, and White

St. Joseph Cathedral (Columbus, Ohio)
10 August 2018

Emendemus in melius, William Byrd
Ne irascaris Domine, William Byrd
– Lamentations a5, Robert White
– Western Wind Mass, John Taverner

Spanish Music for Lamentation and Rejoicing

St. John’s Episcopal Church (Lancaster, Ohio)
18 August 2017

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (Cleveland, Ohio)
10 November 2017

St. Joseph Cathedral (Columbus, Ohio)
17 November 2017

– O vos omnes, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Animam meam dilectam, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Lamentations of Jeremiah for Good Friday, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Maria Magdalene et altera Maria, Francisco Guerrero
– Missa Maria Magadalene, Alonso Lobo

La Serenissima Repùbblica: Venetian Masters of the High Renaissance

First Congregational Church (Columbus, Ohio)
18 September 2016

– O magnum mysterium, Adrian Willaert
Mirabile mysterium, Adrian Williaert
Concordes adhibete animos, Cipriano de Rore
Nativitas tua, Costanzo Porta
Pater noster, Costanzo Porta
Cantate Domino, Giovanni Croce
O sacrum convivium, Giovanni Croce
Maria Magdalene, Andrea Gabrieli
Hodie completi sunt, Andrea Gabrieli
– Magnificat a 8, Giovanni Gabrieli
Jubilate Deo, Giovanni Gabrieli
– Messa a quattro voci da Cappella (1650), Claudio Monteverdi

O That Most Rare Breast
Concert for the Conference “Popular Culture and the Deep Past 2016: Shakespeare Day”

The Ohio Union at The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)
20 February 2016

– Almighty and Everlasting God, Orlando Gibbons
– O That Most Rare Breast, William Byrd
– Cibavit eos, William Byrd
– Oculi omnium, William Byrd
– Sacerdotes Domini, William Byrd
– Quotiescunque manducabitis, William Byrd
– O sacrum convivium, William Byrd

Sweet and Jangled: A Concert of Music by Jacob Reed (Featured Performers)

Cultural Arts Center (Columbus, Ohio)
31 January 2015

Alleluia, Jacob Reed
– But a Mouthful of Sweet Air, Jacob Reed
– Remembered Music, Jacob Reed

Masters of the English Reformation: Gibbons, Tallis, Tye

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ohio)
16 August 2014

Almighty and Everlasting God, Orlando Gibbons
– Dorian Morning Service (Venite, Te Deum, Benedictus), Thomas Tallis
– Out from the Deep, Thomas Tallis
– Remember Not, O Lord God, Thomas Tallis
– I Will Exalt Thee, O Lord, Christopher Tye
– O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit, Thomas Tallis
– O Lord, in Thee Is All My Trust, Thomas Tallis
– Dorian Evening Service (Magnificat, Nunc dimittis), Thomas Tallis
– O God Be Merciful unto Us, and Bless Us, Christopher Tye

Music for the Holy Spirit by Palestrina

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ohio)
17 August 2013

– Sicut cervus, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Iam Christus astra ascenderat (plainchant), Anonymous
– Missa Iam Christus astra ascenderat (Kyrie and Gloria), Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Veni Sancte Spiritus, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Missa Iam Christus astra ascenderat (Credo), Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Veni Creator Spiritus, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Missa Iam Christus astra ascenderat (Sanctus and Agnus Dei), Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Loquebantur variis linguis, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Spiritus Sanctus replevit, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

Music of Orlande de Lassus

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ohio)
20 August 2011

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church (Dayton, Ohio)
21 August 2011

– Timor et tremor, Orlande de Lassus
– Lamentationes Hieremiae Prophetae cum quatuor vocibus (secundi diei), Orlande de Lassus
– Missa pro defunctis cum quatuor vocibus, Orlande de Lassus

Music of William Byrd

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ohio)
8 August 2010

– O salutaris hostia, William Byrd
– Cibavit eos, William Byrd
– Mass for Four Voices (Kyrie and Gloria), William Byrd
– Oculi omnium, William Byrd
– Mass for Four Voices (Credo), William Byrd
– Sacerdotes Domini, William Byrd
– Mass for Four Voices (Sanctus and Agnus Dei), William Byrd
– Quotiescunque manducabitis, William Byrd
– Ave verum corpus, William Byrd
– O sacrum convivium, William Byrd

Beata Mater: Music for the Virgin Mary

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ohio)
22 August 2009

– Beata Mater (plainchant), Anonymous
– Salve sancta parens, William Byrd
– Missa Beata Mater (Kyrie and Gloria), Francisco Guerrero
– Virgo Dei Genitrix, Adrian Willaert
– Alleluia: Post partum, Heinrich Isaac
– Missa Beata Mater (Credo), Francisco Guerrero
– Ave Maria… Virgo serena, Josquin des Prez
– Missa Beata Mater (Sanctus and Agnus Dei), Francisco Guerrero
– Beata viscera Mariae Virginis, William Byrd

Music for the Lord’s Supper

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ohio)
8 August 2008

– Lamentatio Ieremiae Prophetae (primi diei), Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Ecce vidimus, Carlo Gesualdo
– Miserere mei, Deus, Gregorio Allegri
– Missa De Feria in Septimana Sancta, Orlande de Lassus
– Pange lingua gloriosi, William Byrd

Choral Works by Tomás Luis de Victoria

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ohio)
12 October 2007

– O magnum mysterium, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Ave Maria, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Ne timeas Maria, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Jesu dulcis memoria, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– O vos omnes, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Pueri Hebraeorum, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Vere languores nostros, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– O quam gloriosum, Tomás Luis de Victoria
– Missa O quam gloriosum, Tomás Luis de Victoria

Sacred Choral Works for Five Voices by Palestrina, Byrd, and Monteverdi

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ohio)
26 August 2006

– Rorate coeli, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Pater noster, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Ave Maria, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
– Save Me, O God, William Byrd
– O Praise Our Lord, William Byrd
– Laudate pueri Dominum, Claudio Monteverdi
– Salvum me fac, Domine, Jacquet of Mantua
– Missa Salvum me fac, Domine, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina